Cambuslang Bowling Club

 Lawn Green Outdoor bowls club in South Lanarkshire, near Glasgow    Scotland  UK

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Rules and Etiquette                                         


  Regulations for Jack lengths and green measurements
   See 'Laws of the Sport' for fuller explanation.


Dimensions of Green

34 metres 40 metres

The Bank

not less than 230mm above the green

The Rinks

5.5m  -  5.8m

The Ditch


Width 200mm -  380mm

Depth 50mm - 200mm


placed at 2m & 25m from rear ditch

Minimum Distances

The Mat

not less than 2m from the mat line

The Jack

not less than 23m from the mat line

maximum 2m from front ditch

Rebounding Jack

not less than 20m from the mat line


not less than 14m from the mat line



Mat must be minimum 2m from bank

Minimum jack length 23m
Rebounding jack still in play if 20m

Short bowl played must be 14m min





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