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 Jun 16th 2007  Mixed Pairs tournament
Our annual mixed pairs tournament was a great day, the rain stayed off although it was a wee bit chilly later on.
The fish suppers from our local chippie were delicious and everyone was happy with the organisation of the event.


The semi's were :

PP Alex "Who" Lattimer & PLP Jeanette Knox 

Pres Jim Low & PLP Nancy McDonald

Jim Meikle & PLP Cathy Meikle 

Colin Johnston &  his mum PLP Jessie Johnston


           Cathy & Jim Meikle

Final  :

 Jim Meikle & PLP Cathy Meikle  
Pres Jim Low & PLP Nancy McDonald

The eventual winners were President Jim Low & PLP Nancy McDonald who will represent the club next year in the SBA


  Jun 24th 2007  Club Triples
 Thirty-six members turned out for our annual club triples unfortunately after two games it was rained off.  The tournament has been rescheduled to Sunday 12th August.

  June 30th 2007 President's Ryder Cup

 President's invited guests and the Directors comprise the 24 players in this very popular tournament.
In between the showers we managed to get all our games played and we had another successful outing. Thanks go to the President's wife, May and her helper Eileen for laying on a fine spread of food. The majority of the guys stayed on in the evening and an impromptu karaoke finished the evening off in a high note!



 July 14th 2007  Templeton BC v Cambuslang BC
A fabulous days bowling with our good friends from Templeton Bowling Club, six triples.
President Gordon Wallace made everyone welcome and the hospitality and friendship was there for all to see.
The weather was super and after our lovely meal President Jim Low exchanged badges and on the day many old and new friendships were forged. For the statisticians amongst you Cambuslang won on shots.
I was delighted to be in the Presidents triple and partake of President Gordon Wallace's hospitality !!
These days are the life blood of clubs and long may they continue.
 July 21st 2007  Charity Fun Day
 Online application form come along to our fun day open to all men, women, juniors and of course  non-bowlers -
 ideal team is 2 bowlers+2 non-bowlers.... see photographs

 Aug 4th 2007  Claremont BC v Cambuslang BC

Aug 18th 2007  Halfway BC v Cambuslang BC
 Unfortunately due to horrendous heavy rainfall this fixture was cancelled. Both teams settled in the clubhouse and a quiz was organised.



See CBC Opening day Photographs photographs


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