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 Mo's Charity fun day - Maureen Skillen

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 2003-2006,   see 2007-2009

Charity Fun Day total 2003-2009



22 Jul 2006  Open Mixed Rinks Tournament....Charity Fun Day        1154.50
Glorious sunshine again and another fabulous day ... fun for all...... as you can see!

Of course in between all the fun, games, tombola etc some 'serious' bowling takes place .. honest

                     Orbiston Bowling Club
 President          Betty         Lynda            Ricky
 Peter Aitken    Aitken     McLaughlin    McLaughlin

This years winners were our good friends
and 4 bowlers from Orbiston BC.
( photograph)


The other team to reach the final was the Cambuslang team of 4 bowlers Tom McNee, Nancy McDonald, Jimmy & Mary Russell

                            see more photos

Again sterling work done by Ian Skillen along with Directors Harry Faulds, David Barnett & Terry Connolly
Members and friends turned out in force and 1054.50 was raised for Woodburn House Nursing Home.

Maureen Skillen getting presented
with a doll she won in the raffle.
Husband Ian & Past President Harry Faulds looking on.
As President this year I thoroughly
enjoyed this 'family day' at the club 

13 Nov.2006  we donated 100 to the deafblind childrens charity Sense Scotland taking this years total to 1154.50


Aug 20th 2005  Open Mixed Rinks Tournament....Charity Fun Day          800.26
This year we were blessed with glorious sunshine and what a fabulous day this turned out to be.
This is an open competition in the true sense of the word!

Non-bowlers and families are very welcome and all that's asked is they wear flat shoes

Although this year we had problems 
as some of them were too wee to 
hold the bowls! 

So they just ran around  
enjoying themselves!  

Every team has at least one bowler who keeps the rest of the team right - but the aim is FUN! 

Thanks to the generosity of every team the event, tombola and raffle raised 800.26p 
for Woodburn House Nursing Home.

Thanks go to Directors Ian Skillen, David Barnett & Terry Connolly for all their great work


Woodburn House Nursing Home 

Woodburn House Alzheimer's unit at Rodger Park Nursing Home in Rutherglen used the proceeds from our Charity Fun day to create a garden in the grounds for the patients and friends to use and enjoy.

Director Ian Skillen along with his wife Maureen
attended the "Official Opening" of the Garden at 
Woodburn House 21 Sept 2004.  
The garden was created and fenced from the 
proceeds of the Cambuslang BC Fun Days.  
It was Maureen's birthday and she officially
'The Skillen Garden'

Maureen & Ian Skillen


July 24th 2004  Open Mixed Rinks Tournament....Charity Fun Day             1260

Rain rain and more rain made this difficult for the organisers but they came through it and a great (but wet) time was had by everyone. The clubhouse once again, like last year, was full to capacity..........

This tournament is unique in that most teams are made up of bowlers and non-bowlers...many throwing a bowl for the first time! But that is what also makes the day so special. This brainchild of Director Ian Skillen looks like being a permanent fixture in our bowling calendar. Every team donated prizes which resulted in a bumper raffle with just about every table having a winner! Sandwiches were a plenty, biscuits, crisps, barbequed chicken legs and hamburgers along with a few drinks!    Bowling...oh yes it was a bowling tournament.. and the two section winners were the McArthur & Russell teams. A well fought fun final ( see photo!!) finished 5-4 to the Rusell team..Tom McNee, Jimmy Russell, Nancy McDonald & Mary Russell 
The driving force for this tournament is Director Ian Skillen who on behalf of his wife Maureen runs the day along with his team, Secretary Dave Barnet, Directors Terry Connolly, Harry Faulds and Lady past president Cathie Meikle to raise funds for good causes. This year a sum of 1260 was raised and that will be shared between the Rodger Park Nursing Home and the cancer charity 'Maggies centre'.    THANKS everyone.....see you all next year!

See more photographs from our Charity fun day 2004


July 26th 2003, Open Mixed Rinks Tournament..Charity Fun Day               1651


Our Charity fun day raised the grand total of 1,286
The committee, members and local residents got together to organise the fun day to raise cash for the Woodburn House Alzheimer's unit at Rodger Park Nursing Home.
There was plenty of fun & games with 96 players and non-players taking part in the charity match. There were also prizes galore with raffles, tombolas and competitions. The day was rounded off with a barbeque and sing-along in the clubhouse.

Director Ian Skillen, whose wife is a patient in Woodburn House, was overwhelmed by the community spirit involved in making the day possible. He said " The staff at Woodburn House have been trying to organise day trips for the patients and have found that it is very expensive. The president and Directors got together to organise a fundraiser to help and it turned out to be a great day. Both the club's President Alex Latimer and Secretary David Barnett worked really hard with the committee to make the day possible. The cheque was handed over to senior sister Nancy Lawrence.
October 18th 2003

Our prizegiving evening was followed by a very successful race night which raised 365, this money will be given to 

Woodburn House Alzheimer's unit at Rodger Park Nursing Home.

This donation added to the money raised at our fun day gives a grand total for 2003 to 1651

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